I am using Ubuntu 11.10 on an Advent 8111 laptop. The only problem I have is with the audio device which is an 'Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)'. The nature of the problem is that there seems to be an issue with the L & R stereo separation, almost as if there is some kind of signal cross-bleed between the two channels. Some degree of stereophonic functionality is audible,(L & R separation of instruments in a stereo mix), but when i pan left or right using the ubuntu sound settings, neither speaker is fully muted. Also, when the pan control is centered, the right speaker is considerably louder, and distorted.

Additionally, the audio output is a 's/pdif out', though I'm using a standard analog stereo 3.5mm mini-jack. I can see the red light of the laser inside the socket, but I have no control over it's function. perhaps if the sp/dif mode is stuck 'on' constantly, then the analog mode won't work properly, but I'm at a total loss as how to remedy it, if this is even the problem.

I've tried different combinations of audio equipment and leads, I'm fully updated, no required extra proprietary drivers etc. I've searched intel's download centre for a driver, and tried to find forum posts outlining similar problems across the web, but to no avail.

I'm new to ubuntu, and I've exhausted all ideas, although my gut tells me there has to be a solution!!!

Can anybody please help me?