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Thread: RSync of Large Files

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    RSync of Large Files

    FILE is a virtual machine disk at 50GB. It exists on the local hard drive (/LOCAL/FILE) and a USB external drive (/REMOTE/FILE). In my test, FILE is identical in both places. Then I boot up the /LOCAL/FILE virtual machine, create a text file on the desktop, then shut down again. My goal is to synchronize this seemingly minor change in a reasonable amount of time.

    Here's what I've tried:
    rsync --progress -c --inplace --no-W /LOCAL/FILE /REMOTE/FILE
    rsync --progress --inplace --no-W /LOCAL/FILE /REMOTE/FILE
    rsync --progress /LOCAL/FILE /REMOTE/FILE

    In each minor change case, RSync transfers the full 50GB. Is there anything else I can tweak? If the files are already identical, RSync behaves as expected, and does not transfer 50GB.

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    Re: RSync of Large Files

    Hi IMSargon

    Are either /LOCAL or /REMOTE NTFS? If so, you may need to take a look at the --modify-window option.

    If not, I think this is what is happening: in order for rsync to update the file it has to take the source, read all blocks, checksum them, and then compare them with the destination.

    When you use the option --progress, it may look like rsync is copying everything, but if you take a closer look, you'll notice that the transfer speed will be MUCH greater than the hardware limit (since it is not actually copying the blocks that are identical).

    I hope that helps,

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