If anyone's reading this thread and is also getting those failed-to-fetch error messages when they click 'reload' after adding the /home repository in Settings>Repositories - at least in 0.75.9 they're not problems. I tested this by changing the /binary-amd64 folders to /binary-i386 and reloaded. I then got all the same errors but with -amd64 endings.

Therefore, it appears Synaptic simply searches for both in each of the four folders; so if you have one architecture, and all you see (besides the expected http: errors) are the four file:/home(etc) errors referring to the other architecture, that means Synaptic is successfully reading your file structure.

Which is, of course, good to know, and for me means everything above is working fine (return to position one: ALL HAIL CORTMAN!) But Synaptic is - what, finding the Packages.gz file and not reading them? It seems Synaptic is getting *right up to* the right place to read but isn't.

I looked again at the online repositories and each package that I'd downloaded and placed in the appropriate folder was the size it was supposed to be, and all in the right place, so I know I haven't been putting empty files there or something; but what's actually in them, or if something about my download procedure is corrupting the package, I don't know or know how to test. Since I've now downloaded them, using every means I could come up with, four or five times, I don't see how they could be being warped every time. But Synaptic keeps making the exact same scripts with outdated calls.

Next steps: discover what Synaptic uses to either read the file without unpacking it or, if it's supposed to unpack it, why mine isn't. At this point I suspect the former.

Also that I'm talking to myself. Hello?