I'm not sure if anyone can help me, I think this is probably a pretty specific issue, and is probably because of my TV and not Ubuntu, but here goes...

I have an old desktop Win XP desktop that I want to use with my Toshiba Regza 46" TV (my wife got me a wireless keyboard/mouse combo for xmas). Because the computer is so old, XP doesn't always run very well, so I wanted to give Ubuntu a shot (I've used it on my other computers before).

I have successfully installed 11.01, but I can't actually boot into it.

When I power-on the PC, the manufacturer's (Compaq) splash screen comes up, with the usual "press F10 for blah blah blah" etc. But then, when it _should_ be showing the boot menu so I can choose Ubuntu, the _TV_ gives me an "Unsupported Video Signal" error message (that is, the message is from the TV, not the computer), and then after a while the XP boot screen shows up and boots into XP.

I'm pretty sure that the boot menu is working (that is, I _should_ be able to see it) because when I edit the boot.ini file to increase the time the boot menu should be displayed the blank error screen I get is also longer.

Like I said, this is probably a TV issue, rather than either Ubuntu or Win XP, and possibly specific to the Toshiba Regza, but I was hoping someone might have a suggestion.

Is there any _other_ was to choose which OS to boot to without having to use the default windows boot menu?