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Thread: Gnome Shell unresponsive to mouse with dual monitor setup (ATI Radeon X600Pro)

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    Gnome Shell unresponsive to mouse with dual monitor setup (ATI Radeon X600Pro)

    Hello all,

    I've loved GNOME Shell since I installed it a month ago. After playing around with Unity for a couple of days on a fresh Oneiric install I decided it wasn't made for me and installed GNOME Shell. I hadn't had any big problem until I tried to install a secondary monitor. Now, when the second monitor is plugged in, it becomes unresponsive to most mouse actions (e.g. top bar and activities hot corner work sometimes, clicking on applications in overview doesn't work at all, dash doesn't work, dragging windows + workspace switching in overview is buggy if not impossible). There's no problem with the keyboard though. Also normal windows react as expected to mouse/keyboard input.
    When only one monitor is pugged in, everything works perfectly again.

    It may be worth mentioning that I had the Nvidia 173 and 195 drivers previously installed. I had to uninstall the old drivers to get 3D acceleration working properly. Also linking to this bug report may help; I found nothing else.

    EDIT: I also filed a bug on the GNOME Bugzilla.

    Thanks in advance,
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