I need help installing Windows 7 on Ubuntu.

I'm on Ubuntu 11.10 right now. I have an iso image file of Windows 7 installation.
However when I mount the iso file, there is only a file named readme.txt in the mounted iso folder, and nothing else.

I've been searching around many ways to get this working.

1. I tried Nautilus scripts and Kernel Loop. They didn't work. (*There is possibility that I might have done them in wrong ways. If that's the case, please explain the procedures to me in plain English rather than broken programmer's slack language, and using proper grammar!) - Although, I'm in an urgent situation and I'm having some personal problems that are stressing me out at the moment, so I'm not paying attention to so much on my writing right now. Sorry...
Anyway, I succeeded writing the scripts for mounting and unmounting, but I got stuck at the point where I had to enter the password for '/bin/echo 'got r00t'' because neither 'Ubuntu' or my personal account password worked. When I enter either of the passwords, an error message comes up saying "ISO Mounter; Cannot mount /home/(username)/Desktop/Windows7.iso!" (which is the directory where my iso file is).
And I wasn't completely sure how to approach on Kernel Loop. (Please help.)

2. I don't have any USB sticks (I have one that's not big enough for the iso file to go in), except I have one 640GB Portable/External Hard Drive. However, using another computer in my household, I downloaded Windows 7 USB/CD Download Tool(s) and tried to burn (or make a bootable USB Hard Drive) the iso file onto the portable hard drive, but Windows 7 USB/CD Download Tool wouldn't detect any compatible USB drives even though my hard drive is clearly connected to the computer. (Please help with this issue, too, Windows users!)

3. I tried downloading other useful Ubuntu iso-related softwares such as VirtualBox, but I am currently having the problem where any downloading or updating wouldn't work. The error message is: "Requires installation of untrusted packages; The action would require the installation of packages from unauthenticated sources."
I haven't tried any scripts to fix that problem yet. Working with Terminal is too much for me... But if that'd be the only case, I'll put up with it.

4. I don't own any DVD-R nor CD that I can write/burn this iso file on. (As stated above, I only have a 640-GB portable hard drive) I recently formatted that 640GB hard drive (quick format because actual formatting took too long to wait...), and it is NTFS, as far as I know.

Besides that... this is all my fault. Shouldn't have switched to Ubuntu from Windows 7. My laptop (that I'm using AND on Ubuntu at the moment, trying to switch back to Windows 7 but not working) primarily had Windows 7 Home Premium installed on. (It's a Hewlett Packard (HP))
I once switched to Ubuntu 11.10, and I couldn't get used to it. I've been a Windows user for more than 10 years. I like Ubuntu Unity because it looks like Mac, but it doesn't really do everything that Windows can. I trusted the 'media talk' too early.

Please help!
How can I install Windows 7 (with the Windows 7 iso file) when I'm on Ubuntu, in the situation like this?
I want my Windows back.
A step-by-step instruction would be nice!
Ask me any questions in order to approach this problem in better ways, though.
Thank you.


I also posted this same post on another forum site.