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Thread: LibreOffice on Ubuntu 10.04

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    Re: LibreOffice on Ubuntu 10.04

    Quote Originally Posted by flurospar View Post
    I am currently using Ubuntu 10.04.2. In the default repositories, LibreOffice isn't there, so how do I install it?

    Thanks in advance.
    I desperately needed an updated version of LibreOffice on Lucid for myself and figured it is probably of use in a PPA too. I have uploaded 3.4.4 for Lucid to

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    Re: LibreOffice on Ubuntu 10.04

    Thanks for the PPA ricotz.

    The previous PPA really does give a bit older version of LO.

    However, i found out now how to inmstall it form the .deb files available on their website. I need 3.3.4 version as it seems to work with documents i need. anyway you download the tar.gz file, extract it and then there is a folder with one readme file in it. in that readme there are instructions and all you need to do is copy 2 or 3 commands into terminal. and it get's installed. same instructions include also how to install the language packs and help files (each need 1 command to be copied to terminal).

    so eventhoguh this is not the preffered way to install programmes in linux i would suggest using it if oyu need a newer version. i installed the version i need like this on Debian 6 (#! actually). Next is Kubuntu 10.10..
    Easy to understand Ubuntu manual with lots of pics:
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
    User friendly disk backup: Redobackup

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