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Thread: Linux will not load on MacBook Pro

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    Linux will not load on MacBook Pro

    I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro to Lion from SL and in the process i had to delete to delete the Linux i had on it (Ubuntu 11.10) in order for it to work right. After the entire process was done i reinstalled rEFIt and partitioned the hard drive using Boot Camp, gave Linux about 60 GB, and went through the install process with a mint live cd that i burned a few weeks ago. When i went to boot into Mint from rEFIt, i got a black screen with the words "Operating System Missing." In response, i used a different live dvd i had to install a different Linux, same results. Tried Mint again, and nothings changed, I am installing on sda5 and using a small part of the free space inbetween various partitions for my swap. I choose sda5 as the bootloader and i format sda5 to ext4 and make the root file system "/". any suggestions?
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    Re: Linux will not load on MacBook Pro

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    Re: Linux will not load on MacBook Pro

    I had a similar problem. I had to try several versions of Ubuntu before I found one that would install properly. Unfortunately I cannot remember which one, it might have been Natty. Once I got the Ubuntu partition booting, then I upgraded it to Precise.


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