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Thread: evolution mapi calendar categories

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    evolution mapi calendar categories


    I've got a problem with evolution-mapi.

    My evolution 3.2.1 is connected to exchange 2010 correctly, I can get new mails, contacts and some calendar events.

    But if in my exchange, I have set a category to the event, it doesn't appear in evolution, and if I add a category in evolution I can't save it : I got an error
    Cannot modify calendar object: Impossible to modify an element to the server: SetProps*: Erreur MAPI MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED (0x80004005) (error message translated from french)

    I guess categories have not been synchronized, but I don't know how to check this or how to force syncing.
    I don't even know how to get more verbosity for evolution. I started it in cli with --debug, but I don't get a lot of details in the file.



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    Re: evolution mapi calendar categories

    I feel you pain,

    I have tried everything from evolution 3.2.1 using:

    ii  evolution-exchange                       3.2.0-0ubuntu2                           Exchange plugin for the Evolution groupware suite
    to thunderbird 3.X/ and lightening using:

    to Davmail:

    and cannot get this piece of @#$!# to work. Davmail seems to be abit better of the options but if you dont know your paths to where the stuff is, it is useless. I will give you an update if I make progress. We just recently upgrade from exchange 2007 to 2010 to the pain has begun.


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