I need help syncing my music between my Ubuntu 11.10 desktop and my iPhone 4s. Pictures sync has not been a problem. Amarock does not recognize the device. Rhythmbox sees the iPhone but wants to format it as a 3G iPhone (I am afraid to try this and do not want to brick a one week old phone). I am able to see the phone folder structure through the file browser. I do not need to run iTunes, I do not buy music from there and use gpodder to manage my podcasts.

Wine is not an option currently. I have already attempted this with my iPad and does not work well.
I have attempted virtual box with a win xp machine and running iTunes. The VM makes my machine really slow and most importantly I do not want to run windows.
I also run an Ubuntu server for file backups and media sharing. Is there a service the server could run that I could copy files from the server to the phone.
I already have Dropbox and may resort to that as a last resort.
I have spent hours searching the web for a solution and all information has been about syncing ios 4, however I am running ios 5 on my phone.

Thanks for all suggestions.