I ran a post a while back about acpi=off param needed to boot.
I have circumvented the problem thanks to Toz and the incredible help given, and now have a working 11.10 with the lucid Kernel.
I have posted a bug in launchpad, and questions on askubuntu, and other things.
So... I am attempting once again to figure out what the bug is. The kernel broke in the transition to Maverick. I saw on the release notes that CMOV support and older processors are no longer supported.... but someone pointed out to me that my computer has neither issue.
Basically I need to find out WHO to contact, or WHAT to look for. I have plenty of my info listed here

I have been dealing with this for over a year (obvious from, Maverick)
So I am dualbooting my stable Lucid, and my experimental Oneric with Lucid kernel.
So far Oneric w lucid kernel works great, but I know it is not recommended and could cause some problems, which is why I use Lucid normally, and only have oneric to test, and post info, and try patches (if any exist)

Any help is very appreciated.