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Thread: Replacing a laptop screen

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    Replacing a laptop screen

    I need to replace a laptop screen. The screen's part number is B101AW03 V.0 - If you google it you will likely find the product specs, but here's what I can give you:

    • 1024x600
    • WSVGA
    • Size 10.1

    The price of this piece of hardware is $50-100. That's too expensive (I only have $20); I was wondering if I could replace it with something cheaper than the exact product that came built in. (are they universal?)

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    Laptop screens are best replaced like for like - whilst you might find the correct screen elsewhere there are so many possible combination of connection / voltage etc that it can be a lottery.

    I have replaced a few screens by sourcing the same model machine on ebay as you get a lot of "dead" machines listed. Be very careful with product descriptions and exactly what killed it.

    I would look at private auctions with no reserve - there are many "laptop breakers" who will charge you "as new" prices if given the chance but they are quite easy to spot (multiple machines listed) and best avoided.

    Always pay with Paypal as you can get you money back if it significantly not as described

    You will have to get very lucky if you really only have $20 to spend
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    Re: Replacing a laptop screen

    $39 is the best I could find. I don't think you are going to be able to find anything for $20 that is in good shape.
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