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Thread: Sound setup with Pulseaudio CLI and script

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    Sound setup with Pulseaudio CLI and script


    I will capture video with my PC. Before every capture session, I want to setup the sound parameters in a pre-set configuration and after the capture session I want to set-up to the usual sound pre-set parameters. I will use a bash script with Pulseaudio and ALSA command line.

    Today the pulseaudio web site is down (temporary?) and I didn't find a good pulseaudio document.

    I tried pacmd and amixer. They are working for the basic parameters.

    pacmd help says a lot of commands with very short explanation. Do you know where I can find more information?

    What do mean: suspend (sink/source)? kill (sink/source)? update (sink/source)? move (sink/source)? pulseaudio commands.

    How to disable/enable a device with pulseaudio CLI? I mean equivalent of: System > Preferences > Sound, "Sound preferences", tab "Hardware" and Profile="Off"

    What is the relation between pulseaudio and Alsa? Some pulseaudio commands seem to influence Alsa.

    Any help is welcome.

    Thanks for your patience
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