I am reluctant to post this question, because I feel like my issue is probably covered in detail somewhere and I just can't find it. That said, I've been searching myself in circles for about an hour, so I think it's time to post:

I just installed 11.10 earlier this week, and paired my Magic Mouse today. Shouldn't I have some basic multitouch functionality out of the box?

The internet seems to suggest that I should, but nothing on my end. The mouse has basic functionality, including scrolling, but nothing beyond that. Relevant info:

1. Ubuntu 11.10 on older AMD x64

2. To get "natural scrolling" working, I did the .Xmodmap thing a few days ago: http://maketecheasier.com/reverse-mo...ntu/2011/09/16. Perhaps this is causing an issue?

3. The Magic Mouse is connected via a D-Link USB dongle. Surely that's not causing an issue?

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am a relative n00b, but I can follow instructions well, if there is something I could do to provide more info.