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Thread: Ubuntu and Lua

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    Ubuntu and Lua

    Hello i'm new to the
    community and also to
    ubuntu and the programing world.

    A friend of mine recommended me
    to learn to program with Lua 5.1.4.

    And my problem is that
    i don't know (and really have no idea)
    how to install it onto my laptop.

    So i was hoping someone
    could help me with step by step
    instructions on how to do so.

    If anyone could help
    me out I would be very thankfull.

    (I have Ubuntu 11.10 64-bits installed by the way)

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    Re: Ubuntu and Lua

    I would start here

    It looks like they have linux binaries available. They also have some documentation available as well. I have no personal experience with lua so I can't offer much more help than that.
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    Re: Ubuntu and Lua

    Thanks for the tip.

    I'm gonna go check
    out the page see
    what i can find.


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