I have a Dell Quad Core i7 machine. I have maxed it out with 8gig and 1.5TB drive space. Originally, it was strictly running Ubuntu 11.04 and I used Virtual Box for all of my virtual desktop needs. Windows XP/7, Solaris, etc.

I was getting the feeling that I wasn't really utilizing my laptop properly. I then decided I wanted to add things like PBXIAF, Windows Server 2008, and other server type OS that I didn't think would scale properly under Virtualbox.

A friend of my pointed me to Proxmox/OpenVZ, and I started looking at Xen, but I am still not sure which direction I would like to take. What I am looking for is a decent host running Xen or KVM, where I could load multiple guests in place, and be able to have a desktop and used RDP or VNC, and have access to all of my guest.

So what would be the best way to setup this laptop to do the above. Which virtualization systems so I need to install that give ease of use and full functionality?