Hi, folks! I'm new in Ubuntu and Linux in general, but I am very excited about the famous "Windows migration"! I started with Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit.

I recently purchased a Philips SPC230NC web cam that in Windows ran on its promised quality, 1.3MP. When I arrived on Linux, not work appropriately. Researching, I discovered I need the "gspca" driver; for image display tests, I chose Cheese. After install that driver, the web cam is working, but with a below quality, much worst the presented in Windows environment. The resolution itself does not seem to reach their potential and the image is all grainy.

In the Phillips oficial web site, they inform we, user Linux, are by ourselves...

So I would ask to the colleagues if you know someone who has provided a driver for this web cam model or at least some solution to improve the quality of cam just a little!

I'm a Linux n00b, but I heard some Linux users make independent drivers, so, maybe someone made one to this specific web cam model, Philips SPC230NC.