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Thread: Lenovo x121e i3 Linux Hardware Compatability

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    Lenovo x121e i3 Linux Hardware Compatability

    This thread's aim is to provide a single up to date source for hardware compatibility for the Lenovo x121e (in particular the i3 variant) laptop. There are a number of detailed threads around that already cover the generals about the hardware, but don't specifically deal with Ubuntu/Linux support. Please post any updates or revisions and I will keep this initial post up to date

    Current BIOS/CPU:
    daniel@racerx:~$ sudo dmidecode | grep Version
    	Version: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2367M CPU @ 1.40GHz
    	Version: 8QET53WW (1.14 )
    	Version: ThinkPad X121e
    Base OS:
    daniel@racerx:~$ lsb_release -a
    No LSB modules are available.
    Distributor ID:	Ubuntu
    Description:	Ubuntu 11.10
    Release:	11.10
    Codename:	oneiric
    daniel@racerx:~$ uname -a
    Linux racerx 3.0.0-14-generic #20-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 7 14:56:25 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    100% Supported (maybe with a patch)
    A number of small bugs are present
    Not Working

    • UEFI Boot support needs to be disabled in the BIOS for ubuntu 11.10
    • Excellent BIOS with very very granular control for I/O, ATA Passwords, extra devices and CPU options

    • Full Native Support
    • Skype, Cheese, etc all work 100%

    Suspend to RAM / Suspend to Disk
    • The laptop goes in and out of sleep/hibernate cleanly.
    • No syslog error message or abnormnal behaviour after resume
    • Wifi/Bluetooth returns to previous state on resume.

    Multi Card Reader
    • When returning from suspend the card reader no longer functions.
    • Tested OK with an SD & SDHC card only.
    • Booting from Memory cards need to be tested

    • Some inital issues with the card being hard blocked. Seems after an initial ubuntu install the card becomes blocked and you need to "Restore Defaults" in the BIOS and then reboot and things will magically work! This launchpad bug covers it in detail.
    • After the initlal problems rfkill now shows the devices hard unblocked and switching via keyboard or software toggles soft block properly:

    daniel@racerx:~$ sudo rfkill list
    0: tpacpi_bluetooth_sw: Bluetooth
    	Soft blocked: yes
    	Hard blocked: no
    1: phy0: Wireless LAN
    	Soft blocked: no
    	Hard blocked: no

    Fingerprint reader
    • Untested

    Intel Centrino-N Wifi
    • Full WEP/WPA/WPA2 support
    • Max Speed tests yet to be completed

    Broadcom 1x1 B/G/N Wifi
    • Untested but web reports seem to indicate it works
    • Speed test & 'lspci -v' results needed

    Broadcom 2x2 A/B/G/N Wifi
    • Untested but web reports seem to indicate it works
    • Speed test & 'lspci -v' results needed

    Mechanical Hard Drive
    • ACHI Support in BIOS for drives
    • The hard drive accelerometer/impact sensor/protection system is not supported by hdapsd.

    daniel@racerx:~$ sudo hdapsd -d sda
    Tue Dec 13 18:31:19 2011: Starting hdapsd
    Tue Dec 13 18:31:19 2011: Could not find a suitable interface

    Touchpad & Keyboard Nipple
    • Works well with Synaptic v1.4 included in base Ubuntu 11.10
    • Two finger scrolling works by default
    • Tap to click by default
    • Two finger tap to right click works by default
    • Touchpad lockout when typing works by default
    • Keyboard Nipple and 3 buttons work 100%

    • F1-F12 are the default action, with Fn being secondary
    • Fn-* Mute, Volume, Brightness, Sleep work
    • Fn-F5 keys work, but switch ALL radios to alternate state
    • I had to unassign, then reassign the play/pause key to a function before it worked correctly.
    • Fn-F3 untested
    • Fn-F6 untested
    • Fn-F7 untested

    Sleep&Charge USB
    • When enabled in the BIOS the yellow USB port will charge even when the laptop is either suspended or off

    TPM Module
    • Untested in Ubuntu as yet, but hardware detected

    • Untested in Ubuntu as yet, but hardware detected

    • Brightness works 100% and scale is fairly linear.
    • Autodimm works
    • After resume the bightness works 100%

    Intel HD3000

    • Intel video card is fully supported.
    • Compiz is on by default and all desktop effects work great
    • Full SD & HD (720p & 1080p) playback works 100%
    • VGA & HDMI outputs can be configured as secondary or mirrored devices and detect/displays correctly.
    • Have had this plugged into both a TV and LCD monitor and everything works flawlessly.

    Intel HD Audio
    • Sound playback through speakers works
    • HDMI audio output works however it does not autoswtich and needs to be manually selected in the "Sound Settings" menu. After removal of the HDMI cable the output source needs to be changed back to "Analogue Duplex"
    • Headset port switches from speakers to headphones and back correctly
    • Headset port supports iPhone style headsets and mic input is passed through seamlessly.
    • Digital 5.1 audio options in "Sound Menu" output tab need to be tested

    • 65W Battery Stats are detected and displayed correctly
    • Depletion rate seems to be accurate
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