Hi there I'm using Ubuntu studio (ubuntu 12.10 x64) with xfce 4.1, and I noted that with normal and trivial tasks (like opening the system monitor) the cpu spikes to 50%, making multi tasking almost obsolete when I'm working with other software or browsing the web. Also with some software running (like gedit), but doing nothing, the cpu usage is in the range of 4% to 13%
Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?
here is my system configuration:

amd athlon II x4 630 @2.8 ghz
4gb ram
2 HD (1tb and 380gb)
Ati radeon hd 6670 (already installed the catalyst drivers)
Mother asrock n68-s

I'm quite new with ubuntu, so there are some tricks to show system Information I dont know.

PD: sorry for my english i'm from Argentina.