I switched over to ubuntu when 10.10 came out, i really love not having to wait forever for process to complete at boot up and most of all no virus or malware issues,
the only problem i am having is trying to use my computer for pro audio editing and video editing, my creative audio card acts like any other card, it is not fully functional, the operating system doesn't even see the live drive front audio and midi interface, i am trying Cinelerra for my video projects but i have
sony vegas pro 11 and nothing compares as far as the usability or final end quality. i do have another audio workstation made for mac with protools software but i cant get that to work either.
please help if anyone can, i really dont want to run two operating systems and the more powerful editing software like vegas and cakewalk sonar are really buggy when using a virtual drive or programs like wine.
thank you for your time