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Thread: openLDAP server problem to add my .ldif

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    Exclamation openLDAP server problem to add my .ldif


    I'm on a virtual machine, using Ubuntu 10.04

    I followed many tutorials and I always have problems at the same step.

    This is one of the tutorial that is pretty simple and clear to use imo:

    I install the packets with no problem
    I add the differents schemes with no problems
    I write and add the "" without any problem

    BUT, for the " i am asked for a "Enter LDAP password" :

    impossible to get through this step, no matter what password i try and even after i change the pass manually with the "slappasswd"

    in every single tutorial I follow when I am asked for a LDAP password I can't get past it...

    please help me

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    Re: openLDAP server problem to add my .ldif

    Well from the tutorial, the password 'secret' should work fine if you have copied the exact same frontend ldif, I guess.

    Did u change it in the ldif file ?
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