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Thread: printing very slow ...??

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    printing very slow ...??

    I have a printer at my office which is shared on the samba network but the problem is it takes very long time more than around 10 min to receive data even single page from any other pc on the network takes long time and some time it doesn't print the sent page ....... same printer was working fine and taking 1 to 2 mins for receiving data when attached with the windows xp machine but after connecting it with my ubuntu 10.04 machine it is very much slow in receiving data ...... the data receiving light blinks after around 10 mins or more than that on the network of around 8 to 10 pc's...printer connected using usb port ..... I hv to set it on Xp machine as required in office ..... ????? help required ASAP..!
    Printer is HP-2300.
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