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Thread: Redirecting APT to New Repository

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    Question Redirecting APT to New Repository

    Is it possible to redirect apt-get to a new repository from an old one. Say, I had a repo at and now I have one at Is there a way to get all calls to redirected to

    ----- EDIT -----

    I tried making into an HTML file and putting a 302 redirect in it, but apt-get doesn't follow it.
    PHP Code:

    script type="text/javascript">


      This repository has moved to

    I also tried putting the new repo location in the Filename field of the Packages file:
    But then it looked for the file in http://myoldrepo/apt

    ----- EDIT -----

    Was my question clear? I want to move my repository to a new location but leave the old URL usable for people who don't know about the move.
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    Re: Redirecting APT to New Repository


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    Re: Redirecting APT to New Repository

    Old question, I know, but still high up on google search.

    The answer is that since version 0.7.21, apt does support redirects.
    I had to do this with when I moved my site to a django design.

    I doubt very much, however, that apt supports javascript, which is where I suspect your method fails.

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