My graphics card is nvidia Quadro FX Go700/AGP/SSE2 built into laptop.
Using nvidia hardware drivers version 173.

It used to work under Ubuntu 9.04, stopped working in 10.10.
In fact, in 9.04, I could just plug in the TV to TV-out before I turn on the laptop, and then when I turned it on, both screens would be on as separate X screens without me needing to even touch any settings. Now TV-out is ALWAYS disabled at start up.

I am trying to configure 2 separate x screens with nvidia-settings tool. One screen on laptop, other screen on TV-out.

After applying settings, then restarting, changes are ignored and reverts back to laptop screen "separate X screen" and TV "disabled".

I can get twinview to work, (one X screen spread across the two screens), but this feature is useless to me as I can't maximize a video without it being split across the two screens.

How do I get this working again with 2 separate x screens?