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Thread: File odt lost after shutdown

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    Unhappy File odt lost after shutdown

    Hello everybody, I've a problem.. I was converting a file.odt to pdf from the libre office tool and at that time the machine has powered off (or has hibernate) because the laptot has discharged. When I rebooted the machine the file.odt was empty! (also with du file.odt I've 0) I tryed with fsck, but nothing (even in lost+found there's anything). It seems like the OS has deleted the inodes of that files for some reason...this is the syslog (strange things from row 700).
    Any suggestion? (there's some tool that I can use to recover it? because I think that the datablocks still contain it somewhere).

    P.S. I was using Ubuntu 11.10 32bit and LibreOffice 3.4.4. Another strange thing: in .libreoffice/3/user/backup/ there isn't the backup of that file

    Thank you,

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    Re: File odt lost after shutdown

    hi f00fyf00f3r,

    is a bug:

    I think you can't recover your document.
    I'm using LibreOffice too, the thing I do is to save and move the document in two places, doc_backup1.odt doc_backup2.odt. If I have a shutdown, I have a recover


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    Re: File odt lost after shutdown

    Sorry ... your document is permanently GONE!

    I got bit by this same "bug" -- even though I had the feature turned on to periodically save the document.

    Solution was to save a copy in a different folder (from time to time), that way, when the original got trashed, I could resume from the last saved copy.
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