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Thread: audio enhancer or equalizer kubuntu 11.10? (+anything else I could do for my sound?)

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    audio enhancer or equalizer kubuntu 11.10? (+anything else I could do for my sound?)

    Edit: .... I've put it in the wrong section haven't I?..

    So. I have a laptop, it's fairly good.. well capable of 64bit, but I had windows 7 32 bit until recently, and without an audio enhancer program that came with my laptop for windows 7 32-bit, the inbuilt speakers are rather trashy.

    So I decided to install ubuntu, and then messed up the location of grub, and reinstalled the whole thing. Now I can't run windows, because every time I click the windows 7 boot option, it just reopens grub. But that's another issue.

    Now, I'm stuck in Ubuntu, and am running KDE which I love, apart from being pretty much unable to watch any sort of movie or multimedia, because the sound is too trashy to understand human dialogue...

    So I tried looking into PulseAudio, sounded ok, but isn't ready for 11.10? And I don't know how to downgrade Ubuntu.

    I've been looking around the forums for a week now but couldn't get anything I heard of working..

    Could anyone please help me?

    Side note: The internal mic won't function at all, and I don't know how to fix it, if anyone can help me there aswell..

    Marcos Cosmos
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