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Hey, you could make Tiny Core plenty usable with enough tweaks. For example, starting off with an Openbox WM, and adding Tint2 as the panel, as well as whatever other software you wanna add, would add some serious usability points right there, considering TC already comes with a dock.
It's hard to remember after eight months, but I'm pretty sure the usability of the desktop environment was not what was on my mind when I made that comment.

I would go with Debian for a system that I plan to regularly use mainly because of application support & availability, regular patches, documentation, larger community, hardware support, etc.

Nothing against TC or Slitaz -- they have their uses, and I've certainly put them to use -- but when you compare them to a mainline distro on those terms, there's just no contest.

I mean, hey, last time I checked TC didn't have emacs in its repositories. That's a non-starter for me .