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Thread: More IPod woes - just a rant

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    More IPod woes - just a rant

    I am about rage quit everything Apple.

    [Note: This is just a rant. Possible irrational content. I'm just venting while waiting for things to happen. ]

    For me, everything Apple only really includes my IPod, since I'm trying to say away from all their other evil seductions. Tomorrow I have a 15 hour flight to deep dark Africa where I wont see anything more technologically advanced than a Land Rover for over a month. So in preparation I spent some of the afternoon getting my music collection in tip-top condition.

    But when its time for Itunes to sync, it fumbles. Critically. It can't find any of my changes. Whoa, such a simple thing for Rhythmbox and Amarok to do, and the almighty Apple Itunes fails. Dammit, I'm not going to search for the hundreds of changes and manually add them into Itunes' library, I actually want to go to bed tonight.

    So the only reason why I'm even using Itunes is because Amarok, since version 2 (and I'm using 2.3.4 because I'm currently stuck on Ubuntu 10.04 and I'm NOT doing a last minute install of 11.10) doesn't have a clue how to transfer songs to the IPod.

    Rhythmbox, transfers songs, but doesn't have a clue how to do the same for my carefully constructed playlists.

    Exaile? You want to transfer what? And thats pretty much the same for Banshee.

    Oh dear, its midnight, Ive tried everything Linux, back to frackin' Itunes. Drop all songs, add top folder under which all my songs reside, hopefully it will find them all. ....... 384 songs loaded. What? ^%$(*&^% And what about my other 4116 songs and podcasts?

    I was never going to make bed, was I?

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    Re: More IPod woes - just a rant

    For future reference, please use a more appropriate section of the forums for rants, not in the help sections. The Community Cafe section comes to mind.

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