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Thread: invisible networkmanager?

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    invisible networkmanager?

    So I just installed Lubuntu-minimal 11.10 on my friends asus eeepc 701, and then did sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop and it's working nicely but nm-applet appears as a blank space in the tray and when I click on this it says that ethernet and wireless are not managed.
    Any idea what's going on?
    thanks in advance

    edit: sudo ifconfig wlan0 down doesnt help either

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    Re: invisible networkmanager?

    do you need to install additional packages?

    also sometimes the apps in the app tray just conk out, don't know why restart usually fixes
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    Re: invisible networkmanager?

    you're perhaps missing a daemon that takes control of these things. ive always used wicd and wicd-daemon with this kinda setup but it isn't necessarily better

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