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Thread: Android tablets for Mythtv control

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    Re: Android tablets for Mythtv control

    News from the CES earlier this year says that the smaller 7 - 8" tablets with the new tegra quad core cpu will cost around $250.

    I read several of the sites and they all say about the same thing. So I'm on the lookout around mid year to test one of these.

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    Re: Android tablets for Mythtv control

    I've used MythDroid:

    I've had it going for a while on the older version and its pretty cool. Got some pretty cool features, like call/sms info display as OSD on your mythfrontend (scared the heck out of me the first time I saw it and I didn't realised it has that feature.) but it require a level of hacking to install MDD.

    However been sorta unstable since 0.5.1. About to install the new version 0.5.3 on the 11.10 be/fe now.

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    Re: Android tablets for Mythtv control

    the only thing I don't like about the tablet/phone based remotes is the missing "touch/feel" of which button your using. I find my selv looking at the tablet when navigating.

    The sony tablet s is superb i regards to using their built in IR remote that can be programmed.


    Maybe I am an old geezer...

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