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Thread: force smplayer to stop passing "-vid" option

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    force smplayer to stop passing "-vid" option

    i'm having trouble geting smplayer to play mkv files using vdpau . audio but no video. I checked the mplayer logs from smplayer and copy/pasted the command into a terminal. It works if I remove the -vid 0 option from the command line. does anybody know which smplayer preference controls this option? man smplayer doesn't seem to be helpful with this and I think i've checked and unchecked just about every option in smplayer and haven't been able to make it go away. I've also googled quite a bit and haven't found anything. suggestions anyone?


    I think what happened is that there was a bug a year or so ago in which a work around was to add to ~/.mplayer/config


    I had forgotten that I had added that.

    or delete the whole section and the problem goes away.
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