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Thread: Centos and Ubuntu different behaviour

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    Centos and Ubuntu different behaviour

    I have installed Ubuntu server 10.04 , backed it up using Clonezilla and restored it on a different machine with a different hardware, and it works without any problem.

    I tried the same thing with CentOS 5.6 but it doesnt work. Can anybody tell the reason and suggest a work around for CentOS?

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    Re: Centos and Ubuntu different behaviour

    When you say it doesn't work, that doesn't really help to get you an answer
    Do you get any errors, does it get to grub, does grub find and boot the kernel, do the disks get mounted...

    Possible reason for problem:
    I suspect the problem is that CentOS you have cloned does not contain the required drivers for some critical bit of hardware on the new server.

    Possible solution:
    You can try Mondo Rescue, I used to use that for cloning CentOS webservers to move them to newer hardware.
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