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Thread: Adobe flash installation - "Unknow channel natty-partner"

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    Wink Adobe flash installation - "Unknow channel natty-partner"


    I've noticed recently, the flash player did not work anymore with youtube. It seems they require a newer version. Mine is Natty 64bit kubuntu. Trying the clicky way through the browser on the adobe website got me to the "Unknown channel natty-partner". Here's how I fixed it:

    1. Make sure you have the Partner repositories enabled.
    2. Uninstall flashplugin-installer
    3. Install adobe-flashplugin

    hth, gd, rob.

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    Re: Adobe flash installation - "Unknow channel natty-partner"

    Awesome, I had the exact same issue and ended up at Adobe's unhelpful page. I saw a bunch of other more complicated and unsuccessful solutions before finding this. Thanks for posting it!

    Actually, that didn't work for me, I was mistaken. I ended up having to download the .tar.gz source from, extract from it, and replace my old copies of with the new one. Found where the old plugin was stored with
    and for me it was /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins/ and /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ . Put the new in those directories and all was good. I'm on Natty Kubuntu.
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