I have a dual boot system, and I get pretty close (mid 40s to mid 50s Celcius) idle temps on both OSes. However, once I start putting load on the system, I feel like one of the OSes is detecting the wrong temps. In Windows, I've rarely gotten above 85C, even with two relatively high graphics games open along with a browser and other applications. On linux today though, I was doing some CPU heavy work using OCR software (Tesseract) to process some files. With just four files being processed and no more than 50-60% CPU usage, the temperature spiked up to 96C, according to Psensor. It was only a minute or so before it went back down to mid to high 80s, but the entire time, I could not feel any heat at all through my case behind the CPU. This really confused me because I've been able to feel noticeable amounts of heat on windows around 80C or so, and also many of the times Psensor has said I'm in the 80s as well. This time though, it was claiming I was at 96 and I couldn't feel anything. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!