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Thread: Creating a Backup for the new version

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    Creating a Backup for the new version

    Is it possible to create a backup of all my data along with installed packages and everything.
    i.e. from 10.04 to what ever is the latest ubuntu?

    i dont want to do a clean install again and keep on downloading stuff everytime a new version comes out.

    heard about PartImage and sBackup

    but never tried them though.
    It should be like answers to questions below-
    1) Did i switch over to say ... ubuntu 11.10 - yes
    2) Whats the difference now - Nothing - All menus look the same(i.e. installed softwares are same/none of
    them is missing but can be found using search)
    3) UI and features of 11.10

    i can consider if it asks do u want to upgrade installed packages.

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    Re: Creating a Backup for the new version

    Clonezilla is one way to do it.

    But really I don't know why you want to back up the OS. Just back up your data. The OS only takes 20 minutes to reinstall a new one, and your OS backup will always be out of date anyway.
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