My Brother MFC-7460DN was working just fine, even after I upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 last week, until this morning. After the upgrade, I noticed it added a new printer, so I had two devices with the same basic name (one omitted the "Brother" part), but they both seemed to print fine last week, so I didn't mess with it. Well, this morning, after my desktop machine updated some stuff (including a new kernel, I think I saw), printing went ... wonky. From libreoffice, it seems to have some problem with letterspacing, some letters are printed over each other and others are too far apart. It's very odd. I removed the printer(s) from the system and re-added them in the CUPS web interface, but it's still doing it. I just exported the file to PDF, though, and it printed just fine.

So something got broken with LibreOffice, it looks like? Anyone have any idea what to look at?