Hello everyone.
I havent found a lot of informations about this, so I decided to start a new tread on this forum.
The problem is, I get a kernel panic error message while trying to TEST RUN Ubuntu 9.04 (yes, Ubuntu 9.04; havent tried with Lubuntu 10.04 or KNOPPIX, Feather Linux, DSL, Puppy, Puppy Wary or any other Linux distribution)
I get the following error message:
"Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exeption in interrupt"
When trying to TEST RUN my Ubuntu 9.04 Live CD.
My laptop is about 10 years old by now.

The laptops system specs are:

Pentium IV approx. 1800 Mhz.
256 MB RAM

I think this is probably caused by incompactible hardware.
Sorry for my bad english. My primary language is not english.
I havent heard that anyone had this error message wheb booting a Live CD and trying to test drive an Ubuntu ISO.
I dont really plan installing Ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop, I just want to see how Ubuntu 9.04 will run on it. (Will it run slowly, will it freeze, will it crash, will it run ok, etc.)
My CD-ROM/DVD-ROM is half functional (It sometimes reads a CD and boots, sometimes not)
I had Windows XP Professional installed on this laptop, but I get a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) and the error which I get while Running Windows XP Professional is:


Probably a virus destroyed my boot data.
Anyway, Windows XP Professional is not important now.

I havent tried anything with this laptop for about 2-3 years.
Also, my monitor is malfunctioning. I use secondary monitor to display output on the screen. I use secondary VGA.
I know that this laptop seems like it is in chaos, but I want to try to make it working.
Could you give me any advice what to do now, which linux to try to install on it (I am thinking about LUbuntu 10.04; it is a LTS version. I dont like to install my OS too often.)
By the way I use old and older computers.
I think that every computer can be used for something.
Thank you for reading this. If you had a smillar kernel panic error, please share it with me and with everybody else who is reading this here.
Thanks in advance.