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Thread: No video in Skype

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    No video in Skype

    Hi all,
    My Genius Eye 312 webcam works fine in cheese and camorama
    but I can't see my video in Skype.
    I have Kubuntu 11.10 x64
    skype beta version (downloaded from
    I go to options/video devices select my webcam (there's only one) "USB Camera (093a:2622)(/dev/video0)" and click on test button. There's a black screen and no light on webcam (light was on when using cheese).
    I am new to Ubuntu. And sorry for bad English.

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    Re: No video in Skype

    I forget where I got this script a year ago or so

    LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib32/libv4l/ skype
    exit 0
    Note that you'll need to have v4l installed.

    Just name the script "" or something like that. Save it in your user's home folder, then in a user terminal

    chmod +x
    In your skype icon, which I park on the panel, you can right-click and choose "icon settings", choose the "Application" tab, and on the Command line put "/home/username/". Then it should launch with video enabled.
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    Re: No video in Skype

    Thank you verrrrrry much

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