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    I have been trying to setup my Ubuntu machine for the better part of the past 2 weeks. I am using Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). It is an older machine that I have installed extra HDDs in. I originally wanted to install 11.10 server, but it would not install and when I tried to revert back to 10.04 (Had this previously installed and setup completely off-line), it would keep freezing in the middle of the install. SO i switched to 11.10 desktop version.(I wanted a GUI on my server anyways).

    Well now that you understand some of my issues I will talk about the main issue I need solved... I have Ubuntu 11.10 desktop installed on my computer, and I am trying to download updates. However, I can not get a good speed for it to download (even a small file takes more than 2 hours to download). And that is if it does not fail; saying that I need to check my internet connection. This happens for the download manager, for the command prompt, and for the software center.

    Something of consideration, I do have a chip installed in the computer, for an internet cable, which I would like to use versus the default motherboard connection, however it does not light up when plugged in, nor does the computer recognize the connection. It only recognizes the mother board internet connection.

    Please help, and thank you to whomever tries.


    I would like to add that I have a windows desktop that I have setup and the internet connection is what I would expect from my provider. Both my windows desktop, and ubuntu desktop are wired connections, and have no capability of going wireless. My laptop is wireless and runs just like my windows desktop.
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    Re: Internet Connection Failing

    I have removed the extra lan port card, and to no avail. It still does not work.

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