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Thread: no usb drive detected

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    Angry no usb drive detected

    I am using ubuntu 11.10 on Acer aspire 4930. I am unable to use any of the usb drives (Flash or external hard drives) on my system. When I connect my mobile, it starts charging, so there is nothing wrong with the ports but no drive is detected. Also, the devices are detected on other operating systems so there is nothing wrong with devices

    My devices used to work on ubuntu 10.04, but stopped working ever since i upgraded to ubuntu 11.04 and still don't work in ubuntu 11.10

    I tried mountmanager and it was unable to detect any device on my machine.

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    Re: no usb drive detected

    Hate to ask, but HOW do you know no drive is detected? In earlier Ubuntu versions, plugging in a drive to a USB port popped open a window on the desktop. In 11.10, the default is NOT to do that.

    So, if you're expecting to see a popup window, there won't be one.

    Instead, it adds an icon to the Launcher.

    So, next time look into the launcher and see if a new "drive" icon got added to the bottom of the set.
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    Re: no usb drive detected

    There is absolutely nothing in the launcher

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    Re: no usb drive detected

    I have to use fdisk -l to find the device and mount it manually/ Why is this? Why does it not show in the UI any more?
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