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Thread: Nano 5g with 64 Bit

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    Nano 5g with 64 Bit

    Hey everyone,
    I somewhat recently upgraded to Ubuntu 64 bit from 32 bit. I am currently running 11.10. I cannot get my iPod to sync using Banshee, gtkpod, or rhythmbox. When I copy files to my iPod (Banshee is what I prefer) it seems to mount, copy the files, and disconnect the iPod without incident. However, once I disconnect it, the iPod sees that space has been taken up. However, it does not see that it is music, just as "other" space. And of course, there is no music available on the ipod. When I plug it back into the computer, the computer similarly sees "other" space taken up, but does not recognize songs. I have tried reformatting the iPod with windows many times. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Nano 5g with 64 Bit

    I get the exact same results with Nano 5g and Banshee ...
    Files sync and you get visual indication of the sync on both Banshee and the Nano.
    Once synced, the correct number of files are reported on the Nano. You can browse the Nano and see the files. You can play the files.
    However when the Nano is ejected and reconnected - the files are now just taking up space and listed as "Other".

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