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Thread: git installation

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    git installation

    hello every one,

    I am new to linux(ubuntu). I want to install a version control- git on my ubuntu server and allow access to my team mates from both ubuntu and windows.

    I have followed the instructions mentioned here.(

    but after I distributed the public key of my local system(using ubuntu). I was able to initialise the gitosis using

    sudo -H -u gitosis gitosis-init < initialKeyFileName.

    But the next step which I performed on the client failed reporting "git is not installed".
    and asking me to install it using "apt-get install git-core"

    Is it so that I have to install git on my local system also.

    please comply if I am ignorant of any basic information.

    I request to please respond.

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    Re: git installation

    yes, you have to install git on every client you want to be able to check things out.

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    Re: git installation

    Thank you surfer.

    But now after the installation of git on my client, I tried to clone again, but it prompted for password for "" but I have no password for it.

    Is it better to remove every thing and start from the first step.

    But then to remove how do I delete the user "git" created at /home. Its not found in the list of users. and the folder does not get deleted.

    I have been trying to install git for the past two days. its become an embarrassment now.

    please help me.
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    Re: git installation

    oh. sorry every one out there

    I made a mistake of giving the wrong path for cloning, I had to give a more precised path.

    Now its cloned
    after creating a new project and if I try to create a project folder in my local host and push it to the server it gives me the following error

    shyam@ubuntu:~/testPro$ git remote add origin git@
    shyam@ubuntu:~/testPro$ git push origin master
    git@'s password: i entered my password
    fatal: 'testPro.git' does not appear to be a git repository
    fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

    can any one please help.



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