Guys I shifted to Rhythmbox after having some issues with banshee but after only a few days back when I finished rating my 6K song collection on Rhythmbox things got all messy.
Today when I started Rhythmbox I saw that the Metadata of several files are over-written for example the Name of the Song, Artist and Album is over-written to more than 20 songs automatically.
Now, I'm in big big trouble.

What all I've tried :
1) I checked with the original location of the songs. There the tags are not changed. Changes are only shown in Rhythmbox.
2) If I delete and restore rhythmdb.xml that too is also not of any help.
3) I tried importing my music library again but even the tags I've changed are not appearing changed, i.e. none of the metadata has actually been written to the files.

Please help me friends. What's the solution you suggest.
I'm a big music fan and rating such a huge collection is really a pain.
Is there an alternate to Rhythmbox, a good solution like iTunes/Mediamonkey/Foobar are in Windows, I've tried Banshee, Amarok.