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Thread: Guide to install Serviio

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    Guide to install Serviio

    hi people.

    i have no idea how to install serviio. i have read the read me txt and any other document i can find but it is all above my head.

    Can anyone please guide me step by step (including terminal enteries) of how to install it on a ubuntu 9.10 system.

    Cheers mambo801

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    Re: Guide to install Serviio

    Serviio is pretty easy to install.

    1. Download it
    2. Extract it somewhere -home folder maybe?
    3. To self start on boot add a line to the startup applications list
    (give it a name, browse for the file in the 'bin' folder of serviio directory)
    4. Either double click on and choose open in terminal, or open terminal navigate to serviio/bin/ folder and type
    5. using the options within serviio console build a media library

    Now you're pretty much up and running!
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    Re: Guide to install Serviio

    I did all that and I think its running now cause I can see it from my other computer, but there are no folders inside. How can I remotely access it from my windows machine ? What are the ports I should use?


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