Hi all,

I'm suffering from a problem which I can't get solved.

I have my media center, running 11.10, hooked up to a Samsung TV, native resolution 1360x768. It's connected over VGA and HDMI for testing, ideally I only want HDMI connected in the future.

I'm using Nvidia 9400, using their proprietary drivers. Also the Nvidia X server settings application to control the options.

On the VGA output I can set the resolution to 1360x768, but the image is out of bounds. My TV reports the resolution as 1360x768.

On HDMI I can only set it to 1280x720. Now as well, the image is out of bounds.

My goal is to set a resolution of 1360x768 over HDMI, obviously with an image that is not out of bounds.

My TV is not set to any kind of zoom-mode. I tried setting manual modes in xorg.conf in the Section "Screen", no effect.

Any Ideas?