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Thread: Thunderbird show 106 items & 87 GIG

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    Thunderbird show 106 items & 87 GIG

    I tried to switch to Thunderbird as its the "now" standard for Ubuntu. I could not do the Evolution mail box imports until I added the plug-in "ImportExportTool" into Thunderbird. I selected the "Import Evolution" choice, ran the import and now, Evolution reports itself as being 87 gig in only 107 items. Those 107 items are my transferred or imported email.

    I want to remove Thunderbird, clear the caches that "think" they see 87 gig and re-install Thunderbird per Ubuntu.

    What is the "safest" way to do this?
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    Re: Thunderbird show 106 items & 87 GIG

    Go to your home folder and find where it says "show hidden files" or just click "control + H" and you will see a bunch of new folders that all begin with a period. In there is a folder called ".thunderbird"

    delete it.

    open up thunderbird and it will be like it never ran before.

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