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Thread: Libreoffice Calc - Screen partially freezes

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    Libreoffice Calc - Screen partially freezes

    Actually I have two problems with LibreOffice:
    1-When I open Writer or Calc, a particular message window shows and I don't really understand what it means. Can someone pls say what it's telling me to do? (Pls see attachment)

    2-When I'm using Calc, the screen partially freezes, that is, when I scroll up-down or right-left, the cells do not move all together so I have like misaligned cells and I have to press PageDn or PageUp several times to correct the screen appearance. Together with this, the results of formulas in the cells do not update right away, I have to click on the cell for the new result to appear. Could the problem be in LibreOffice or in Ubuntu 11.10?
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