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Thread: System Freezes While Moving Windows Around

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    System Freezes While Moving Windows Around

    Hey guys,
    I'm planning to do a complete reinstall, to deal with a number of issues related to flaky Unity and Gnome-Shell, but thought to run this one by you first, to see if anyone had any ideas.

    Basically, on occasion / frequently, my Unity/Ubuntu shell gets in this 'mood' where, when I move windows around, the system stalls completely. It only happens while the mouse button is held down and the mouse is moving. When I stop moving the window, everything 'catches back up.' For all intents and purposes, everything else Unity-related / compiz-related is running beautifully, and quickly. No apparent problems.
    I tried disabling "Move Window" in the Compiz Settings Manager but, when I re-enabled it, my whole shell crashed, leaving all windows without any borders - and without any way to log out or start a terminal session.
    After restarting, I opened a System Monitor session and watched the CPU graphs. While idle, my four CPUs are running at about 4%. While I'm moving a window around, the graphs are all frozen along with everything else, but, when the system 'catches back up,' I can see big spikes in all four CPUs from when I was moving the window around - CPUs 1&2 seem to be jumping to about 60%, CPU 3 is jumping to about 40% and CPU 4 is jumping to about 25%, when I'm moving a window around and the computer is stalled.

    Anyone have any ideas? I've tried resetting Unity and replacing the shell session, but neither of those works.

    Thanks much for your time,

    Edit: I am running Ubuntu 11.10 on a Desktop PC, Nvidia GeForce 260, 8GB RAM. Can't edit my personal settings, for some reason. :/
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    Question Re: System Freezes While Moving Windows Around


    Same strange behavior here on an i3 sandy, 4gb ram ... laptop :-/

    Screenshot attached -- no programs started except htop in a terminal and settings-manager.

    Idea anyone?

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    Re: System Freezes While Moving Windows Around

    I'm having the exact same problem. System completely freezes when I try to move a window. 4GB ram, Pentium 4HT. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: System Freezes While Moving Windows Around

    I think for me unchecking the option "Sync to VBlank" in CompizConfig Settings Manager did the work ...


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