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Thread: Ubuntu 11.10 installation using Software raid having issues installing grub

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    Ubuntu 11.10 installation using Software raid having issues installing grub


    I am a linux newbie, but have used it here and there. I am attempting to build a media server using left over parts found around the office. I am using an OLD AMD Ahtlon 3000+ 64, 2 gb ram, and a micro atx board. I bought 2x2 terabyte drives and was hoping to create a raid setup and install Ubuntu.

    I setup a mirror array in the raid controller bios but when using the standard Ubuntu 11.10 installer, it kept seeing both drives seperately instead of an array. Some googling suggested this silicon image controller is crap and uses drivers in Windows to act like a raid.

    So I decided to try software raid in Linux instead. Researching I found I would need the "alternate" iso which I got and burned to a cd rom. I used the guide here to setup the partitions.

    Doing more reading and asking around, it seems as though the mbr/boot files cannot be written to a raid partition so I created a third partition at 50 MB for the boot. So each 2 TB drive has three partitions- boot, swap, and file. I raid the swap and file together and leave the 50 MB ext4 /boot alone. I also tried "biosgrub". On the ext I mounted it to /boot and flagged it as bootable. That does not show in the picture below.

    However, as soon as I get to the step to install grub it fails. I have attached a picture of my partition setup and the error when installing Grub.

    Can someone point me to where I have gone wrong?
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