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Tried Ubuntu 11.10, and it works great with my hardware. Unfortunately, gnome 3 and Unity are the worst design fails I've ever seen in a GUI. As such, if you'd like to use your older Linux versions with your newer Intel Sandy Bridge hardware and gnome 2, please compile and install the latest kernel for your Ubuntu version.

Here's a great guide here:


Just did the whole thing, and all of my hardware is working and was identified correctly. It identifies all of my monitors and is using its native resolution. No more Unity or gnome 3. Welcome back gnome 2. Using Ubuntu 10.04, and will probably use it for life until the whole Unity thing ends up in the trash along with gnome 3. KDE worked OK, but it wasn't like gnome 2. Sorry, I'm just frustrated with the way linux is going. It's gonna be another XP vs 7 phase, and even Microsoft is being stupid with their latest Windows 8 GUI. Please stop breaking things if they aren't broken. I wish people would take remedial classes in design.

I have a Sandy Bridge graphics card. Instead of the boot splash screen, I get a blank screen after installing kernel 3.0 as per the guide. Any ideas on how to fix?